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Xecuter CR3 Lite CoolRunner v3 For XBOX360 CORONA V4

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 Xecuter CoolRunner v3 CR3 Lite For XBOX360 CORONA V2


The Xecuter CoolRunner v3 Lite CR3 is the latest evolution of the original CoolRunner range, the team decided to skip the v2 line and move right to the third gen line. Now the Xecuter CR3 Lite is the ultimate incarnation of the original CR range with tons of features that used to be add-on boards installed on this new model. They have built the CPU reset cleaner on board, also the PLL_bypass cleaner, they have totally redesigned the way the CPU RST cable can be connected to the board along with a brand new double shielded cable that will be sold separately, added a new feature to show the debug LED on the front of the console using the front panel ring of lights just to name a few. We go into more detail below on some of these exciting new features including of course Xbox 360 Slim Corona support. The Xecuter CoolRunner 3 Lite CR3 is going to be the all in one glitch board people have been waiting for, with so many features on the one PCB why use anything else.



Now of course one of the main features of the Xecuter CoolRunner v3 Lite is support for the Xbox 360 Slim Corona boards, this is enabled by the addition of a high quality and branded 48.000Mhz Crystal on board, the team doesn’t use cheap knock off Crystals and the ones found on board will give the best possible results. Just like the CR Upgrade add-on boards the CR3 Lite will enable RGH on Corona v1 boards which are the consoles that came with a 250GB or 320GB hard drive. At this time the Corona v2 boards which are the consoles that came without a hard drive and have 4GB of memory on board will require a special add-on product to be able to read and write to the NAND, Xecuter are about to release a special USB QSB that can be used with the Corona v2 boards to be able to read and write to the NAND via USB through the J-Runner software, this means it's now possible to use the Xecuter CR3 Lite with these latest corona v2 boards as well which is huge news. Until Sept 2012 there wasn’t a way to read or write to the v2 boards, but early Sept a method was found by soldering in a SD memory card reader to dump the NAND, shortly after Xecuter announced their special USB QSB to be used with the Corona v2 boards to be able to read and write to the NAND and we of course will be selling these as soon as they are released.



The Xecuter CoolRunner 3 Lite has the teams CPU reset cleaner built on board, these are used to help clean up the signal traveling on the CPU RST cable from the CR3 Lite to the Xbox 360 motherboard. For those that have done a lot of RGH 1 & 2 you will already know that a few consoles you can significantly decrease booting times by having the CPU RST cable run through various capacitor and resistor combinations. An example would be running a 670p cap with a 3.3k resistor and doing this depending on the console model can reduce booting times. The CPU reset cleaner part of the Xecuter CR3 Lite have 3 selectable capacitor values being 470p, 560p & 680p and three selectable resistor values being 1k, 2k, & 3.3k. These can be enabled or disabled via the simple dip switches on the CR3 PCB itself. It’s worth noting that you can also run more than one capacitor or resistor value at the same time, so you can have 560p & 680p caps enabled and all three resistor valued enabled at the same time, this means you can really work out the best combination for the console you may be working on.



While we are on the subject of the CPU RST line the team have also made some changes in that department, while the boards ship with the standard cable for the CPU_RST line the team is going to release a special 50 Ohm Micro Double Shielded & Grounded CPU_RESET cable with a UF.L / UMCC connector which includes ground in the connector itself to be sold separately, they are only 1.53mm thick and up to a 6Ghz passband. These new style of cables can be used with the newly added UF.L / UMCC connector found on the Xecuter CR3 Lite PCB, it’s a simple case of snapping on the CPU RST line to the CR3 and both ground and data lines are handled through this simple yet effective UF.L / UMCC Connector. Note once again that the team decided that these UMCC connector cables would not be included with the CR3 and will be sold separately, we will stock these cables for people that wish to buy them and use instead of the standard cables and will have them listed up as soon as possible.



It goes without saying that the Xecuter CoolRunner v3 Lite CR3 is without a doubt the most advanced and updated glitch board on the market, the team decided to release it simply because there was so many cheap knock off clones on the market and it was time to incorporate all the improvements found by the community and team into one neat little package. If you are an end user or installer and you want to be using the very best hardware and not some cheap knock off with only a fraction of the features found on the Xecuter range then the CR3 Lite is the board for you. Given the up and coming CR3 Pro is going to have some extra stuff again for the Slims we think in the meantime using these Lite models is going to make a huge difference compared to the older designs (and clones) out there.




  • Brand new design from the all new CR3 Range !
  • Next-Gen RGH Circuit – Embedded All Current Fixes & Tweaks
  • Quality Assured – No Cheap Chinese Knocks-Offs
  • New RGH1 PLL_BYPASS Cleaner Switches (680pF, 150pF, 100nF, 68nF, 47nF Caps)
  • New RGH1 & RGH2 CPU_RESET Cleaner Switches (1k, 2k, 3.3k Resistors and 470pF, 560pF 680pF Caps)
  • New Corona Support – High Quality Branded 48.000Mhz Crystal (No cheap quality knock offs – gives higher performance)
  • New UF.L / UMCC Connector for CPU_RESET (Includes Ground – Plug In Adapter No Soldering to the CR3 Lite required)
  • New 50 Ohm Micro Double Shielded & Grounded CPU_RESET Cable (Only 1.53mm and up to 6Ghz passband)
  • New Built In ROL Option (Show Debug LED On Front Panel Ring Of Light)
  • Built-in Ribbon Cable Connector For DemoN (Includes CR_EN and XSVF Programming – no soldering or wires)
  • Enable/Disable C15 Jumper
  • Enable/Disable 10 Ohm Jumper
  • Unique design – do not confuse with other brands that have copied the public schematics
  • Optimized timing for each motherboard version
  • Easy programming via JTAG
  • JTAG CK3 Power Plug Included for LPT (JP4)
  • Power LED
  • Reset Cycle Debug LED
  • Easy Install (Includes All Wires)
  • Works perfectly with the world famous NANDX, J-R Programmer & DemoN
  • QSB Add-Ons Available
  • Trusted Team Xecuter Design & Warranty




CR3 Lite Jumper Settings

The CR3 Lite comes with an adhesive foam pad and the positioning in pictures below. We changed the security sticker as so many cheap knock offs were ripping off our design. It fits nicely to the 360 faceplate now if you wish 

We also used a high quality 48Mhz crystal - once the cheap knock offs hit the market you can be sure they will use the cheap ones which will be very poor performance.

Here are the default settings for the LK Solder Jumpers. As past experience by thousands of users has shown, you should try different settings for your setup until you achieve the best performance. It always helps others to post your own personal results.

Phat (Non-Jasper)

LK1 - Short (Disable Crystal)
LK2 - Open (Enable 10 Ohm on CPU_RST)
LK3 - Short (C15 Enable)
LK4 - All Open (Slim Settings)

Phat (Jasper)

LK1 - Short (Disable Crystal)
LK2 - Short (Disable 10 Ohm on CPU_RST)
LK3 - Short (C15 Enable)
LK4 - All Open (Slim Settings)

Slim (Trinity)

LK1 - Short (Disable Crystal)
LK2 - Short (Disable 10 Ohm on CPU_RST)
LK3 - Open (C15 Disable)
LK4 - Short 1-2 (300pF on CPU_RST to GND)
LK4 - All Open

Slim (Corona)

LK1 - Open (Enable Crystal)
LK2 - Short (Disable 10 Ohm on CPU_RST)
LK3 - Open (C15 Disable)
LK4 - Short 1-2 (300pF on CPU_RST to GND)
LK4 - Short 2-3 (100pF on CPU_RST to GND)
LK4 - All Open

The following CPU RESET CLEANER settings were taken from many users experiences and we compiled all the best settings into one easy board. If you want to read through some source material for these settings we suggest you goto 
this thread so you can see lots of feedback.

To disable set 1 and 5 On and the rest OFF
You can use a mixture of 234 and 678. 1 and 5 must be set to OFF when using a combo.

(1) Bypass
(2) 1K ohm
(3) 2K ohm
(4) 3.3K ohm
(5) Bypass
(6) 470 pf
(7) 560 pf
(8) 680 pf


100nF has always proven great for Jaspers. I personally have success with 680pF. Others have reported their own better results with all the other values.

(1) N/A
(2) 680 pf
(3) 150 nf
(4) 100 nf (Default - Same as CAP solder Jumper on Rev C)
(5) 68 nf
(6) 47 nf

The wire install and setup is the same as the CoolRunner Rev C.

DemoN can now directly connect using the ribbon cable that is included with the DemoN (Programming and Enable/Disable feature)

ROL can be wired directly to one of the front LED's without any diode as its included on the CR3 as per 
this thread



Corona - Update: If you are installing to a Corona the yellow wire in the slim pack is too short - use the yellow wire in the phat pack.



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