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Bluetooth Keyboard with Protective leather case For Ipad

Bluetooth Keyboard with Protective leather case For Ipad Features: 1.      With CW6627 as main control chip, with Bluetooth 2.0 interface 2.      Use industry-leading...

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Bluetooth Keyboard with Protective leather case For Ipad

1.      With CW6627 as main control chip, with Bluetooth 2.0 interface
2.      Use industry-leading Bluetooth solution, WIDCOMM BTW Bluetooth software which is specified software by Microsoft official.
3.      Specially design for IPAD, It will be more convenient to carry with IPAD bag.
4.      Buit-in power management software, It can automatically show the available capacity in the Microsoft Windows.
5.      Silence design, It will not affect other people’s rest.
6.      It is waterproof, dustproof, anti-pollution, anti-acid waterproof for silicone part
7.      Work with PC and commercial mobile, it will be convenient to word
8.      Wording temperature: -20℃-+55℃   humidity:20%-50%
9.      Buit-in lithium battery, you do not need to frequently change battery.

Executive standard:
Bluetooth V2.0
Working distance:
10 meters
Modulation system:
Transmitting power:
Class 2
Operating voltage:
Word current:
Standby current:
Sleeping current:
Charging current:
Standby time:
100 days
Theory of working Time
25 days
Uninterrupted working time :
90 hours
Charging time:
4-4.5 hours
Li-ion battery Capacity:
Minimum 430MAH
Lithium battery life
3 years
Lithium battery Specifications
Key strength:
80±10 g
Key life
Operating temperature:
Storage temperature:

Install Bluetooth Keyboard

1.    How to install Bluetooth keyboard into IPAD
Step 1:Find
(1)   as shown, turn on the toggle switch, Bluetooth light will be flashing in 3 seconds, But after keep lighting for 3 seconds. It will be off, At this time the keyboard is in working situation.
(2)   Press the connect button, the Bluetooth light will be on so the keyboard is in connecting situation.
(3)   Clik setting of the screen of the iPad iPad will be in setting area, then choose Bluetooth ,open the Bluetooth, iPad is in searching Bluetooth keyboard woring situation
Step 2:Enter the password and connect
Note: There will not have any prompt, just click enter passwork in the iPad screen. It will be connected successfully
Step 3: Connect successfully, The key board is in working situation
All light will be off after it connect successfully, so the keyboard can word with IPAD successfully.
The charge light keep flashing in your working ,the keyboard is short of power. It is time to charge the keyboard
Charging procedure as follows:
1.      Use the IPAD charge/USB charging cable plug into outlet, put one end off the plug into keyboard USB charging cable.
2.      Now blue indictor, after charging finish, blue indictor off.
1.      when you are finished using your keyboard or you will be required after the keyboard to carry, so don’t forget to set aside the keyboard to switch the source OFF, turn off the keyboard’s power to extend battery life.
2.      When you need a long time storage your keyboard, please don’t forget to pack the battery power, about half of the filling, then store your keyboard, so can made your keyboard lithium life longer
Note: When you normally using the keyboard, or I f you are not using the keyboard and didn’t turn off the power switch, please don’t fold or curly, so you will have been working at the keyboard, it will greatly decrease you using the keyboard.
1.      If unable to connect the Bluetooth Keyboard to the computer, or the keyboard work unconventionally, please try the steps below:
(1)   Before you install your Bluetooth keyboard, please make sure you have done the Bluetooth Dongle installation procedure, and the Bluetooth facility is turn on.
(2)   Press and release the connect button on the Bluetooth keyboard. The blue led light will charge into a flashing mode.
(3)    Make sure that the keyboard is within the effective orange---10M
(4)   Make sure that there’s no change of the Bluetooth facility. If anything changed , please kindly rematch.
(5)   If your Bluetooth facility is connected to other Bluetooth products.please kindly confirm that the speed of the Bluetooth facility in enough
(6)   Please kindly check the batteries. If they are short of power, replace them for new ones.
(7)   Please make sure that your Bluetooth Dongle is damaged or not.
2.      Every time you turn off the keyboard power and after turn on itor reboot the computer shutdown, if it is no response.
(1)   After the keyboard and the computer power, re-install back, thekeyboard and the computer needs to re-invent re-opened, please you press any key on the keyboard, and then wait three seconds , your keyboard can be properly used.
Tips: When your battery is low, charge lights on the keyboard will blink, and you should give your keyboard charging, so as not to affect your work.
Packing Include:
1.        A Bluetooth keyboard
2.        A iPad bag
3.        A list of manual
4.        USB charging cable
1.      keep away from sharp objects.
2.      Do not put heavy object on keyboard too long
3.      Do not heating it in microwave oven.
4.      Don’t force the pull or distortion
5.      Keep away from oil or any other organic liquid.
6.      Do not press the keyboard when it is in folding state.
7.      Can wash silicone parts by water, alcohol, or alcohol disinfectant.

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