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Xecuter CoolRunner v3 DIY Corona 16 For XBOX360

Xecuter CoolRunner v3 DIY Corona 16 For XBOX360  Well things just keep moving faster and faster, Xecuter announced on their Corona...

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Xecuter CoolRunner v3 DIY Corona 16 For XBOX360

 Well things just keep moving faster and faster, Xecuter announced on their Corona thread this week that there will be a Xecuter CoolRunner v3, it’s going to be the one that officially supports Xbox 360 slim Corona boards and it’s starting to look like the CR v2 models might just be for the Phat consoles. While this is all still up in the air until Xecuter make an official announcement what we have seen so far is the Xecuter CoolRunner 3 will be for Xbox 360 slim consoles only and will support Trinity & Corona. We here at ModSupplier.Com are just speculating here but we are starting to get the feeling the v3 will support corona v1 and v2 boards, where before we only expected the v1 models to be supported. This is something we will just have to wait for some official announcement on before we can confirm, but things are starting to really heat up. The Xecuter CoolRunner v3 release date is still unknown, they said that they are still working on getting Corona support to be consistent, while it works flawless on most consoles some are still a little flaky right now and so needs some tweaking.

Also it’s been confirmed that the Xecuter CoolRunner 3 will be a RGH v3 glitch board as well, that’s right they have already moved to a new method for the reset glitch that’s called v3 and sounds like it’s been primarily developed for Slim trinity and corona boards. We are sure more news will surface on the RGH v3 method over the coming weeks. Another bit of interesting news is that for people wanting to use the Xecuter CoolRunner v3 alone and not in a Demon combo is that a new method is required for reading & writing of the Nand, so there is a brand new J-R programmer v2 being released to go hand in hand with the CR v3. From comments on the forums about the RGH v3 they were saying the method is amazing and they have stellar boot times, one test was done where the console was booted 47 times and each boot was around 1 glitch cycle = 5sec, this was on a slim and is simply amazing.

Looks like the next couple of months are going to be very exciting in the RGH department, if the Xecuter CoolRunner v3 does come with support for the corona v1 & v2 this is going to be huge. Keep an eye on this page for any more news we hear around the traps.

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