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Official X360Ace V4 Glitcher Board RGH For Xbox360 Slim Corona and Trinity 2018 Version

Official X360Ace V4 Glitcher Board RGH For Xbox360 Slim Corona and Trinity 2018 Version Feature:Clock synchronization system  Improved code – performance fine tuned  Tighter circuit layout to give cleaner signal performance  No more solder bridges...

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Official X360Ace V4 Glitcher Board RGH For Xbox360 Slim Corona and Trinity 2018 Version 

Clock synchronization system
  Improved code – performance fine tuned
  Tighter circuit layout to give cleaner signal performance
  No more solder bridges required
  EMC analysis by ANSYS
  Good electric component
  Supports Corona v1 – v6
  Supports Trinity
  Super easy  installation
  Perfact support CORONA and TRINITY model    
  Booting time within 10 seconds mostly
  Perfectly creak XBOX360

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